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Officer Involved Shooting Update

Post Date:09/28/2016 6:14 PM


TYPE OF INCIDENT: UPDATE Officer Involved Shooting


LOCATION OF OCCURRENCE: 800 Block of Broadway, El Cajon


Today, the El Cajon Police Department received calls of a man who was “not acting like himself”.  He was walking in traffic, not only endangering himself, but motorists.  Two officers located him behind a local restaurant in the 800 block of Broadway.  The subject described as an adult African American male in his 30’s, wearing a black tank top and blue jeans. The subject refused multiple instructions by the first officer on scene to remove his concealed hand from in his pocket.  Because the subject did not comply the officer drew his firearm and pointed it at the subject while continuing to give him instructions to remove his hand from his pocket.


The second responding officer arrived on scene and immediately prepared to deploy a less lethal electronic control device while the other officer covered.


The subject paced back and forth while officers tried to talk to him. At one point, the subject rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together and extended them rapidly toward the officer taking up what appeared to be a shooting stance.  At this time, the officer with the electronic control device discharged his weapon.  Simultaneously, the officer with the firearm discharged his weapon several times, striking the subject.


Officers provided first aid on scene until medics arrived and transported the subject to an area hospital for treatment. The subject has passed away as a result of his injuries.


While detectives where on scene investigating the officer involved shooting, a witness came forward and notified officers they had video footage of the incident.  That witness voluntarily provided their phone to the police department and gave written consent for the officers to view the video. Investigators have been able to download the video.   This was the only phone provided to officers in this investigation. No other phones were taken from witnesses. Investigators are reviewing the video and other video recovered from the scene.  All video recovered so far in this investigation clearly shows the incident as described above.


Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the El Cajon Police Department at (619) 579-3311. Individuals with information on this incident who wish to remain anonymous can contact Crime Stoppers tip line at (888) 580-8477.

The El Cajon Police would like to assure the community that a complete and thorough investigation will be completed.  We have already contacted the District Attorney’s Office so that they can conduct their concurrent investigation and their representatives are already on scene.


It is the policy of the El Cajon Police Department to place all officers involved in a critical incident on Administrative Leave.  The two officers will be on administrative leave at the conclusion of the investigation. 


Prepared by: Captain F.LaHaye                            Date/Time: 09/27/2016 8:00 PM


Review by: J. Davis, CHIEF OF POLICE


********************************************* UPDATED INFORMATION  ****************************


The El Cajon Police Department has received notification from the Medical Examiner’s Office that the subject who was fatally wounded in the officer involved shooting yesterday has been positively identified as Alfred Okwera Olango (dob 7/17/78). Olango’s driver’s license shows that he is a resident of El Cajon.


The object that Mr. Olango drew from his pant pocket and pointed at the officer is a vape smoking device.  The vape has an all silver cylinder (Smok TFV4 MINI) that is approximately 1” diameter and 3” long that was pointed toward the officer.  The box of the vape that was held in his grip, is 4” x 2 1/4”s x 1” (Pioneer for You Vape).  The vape was collected as evidence from the scene.


There have been several questions about the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT).  The El Cajon Police Department does have an agreement with Community Research Foundation / PERT which allows certified licensed clinicians to partner with police officers in the field in order to provide direct support for mental health calls.  On 9/27/16, during the hours of this incident, there was a PERT clinician with a police officer.  At the specific time of this incident, that team was on a different radio call that was also PERT related.  They were not immediately available.


The El Cajon Cajon City Council authorized the purchase of body worn cameras a short time ago.  The cameras have been ordered, but have not yet been delivered.  When they arrive, the department will conduct a thorough training for both the officers and the community before putting the cameras into use.


Prepared by: Lieutenant Rob Ransweiler / PIO

Approved by: Captain F. LaHaye

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