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Search Warrant Service

Post Date:03/01/2018



TYPE OF INCIDENT:   Search Warrant Served at Marijuana Dispensary


OCCURRED:    March 1, 2018 at approx. 0855 hrs.


LOCATION OF OCCURRENCE: The 400 Block of W. Douglas




El Cajon Police Officers with the assistance of the San Diego County Integrated Narcotic Task Force served a search warrant at Cloud 9 Wellness, a non-licensed marijuana dispensary operating illegally in the City of El Cajon. Six employees and three armed security guards working for the business were briefly detained but were not arrested. A large amount of cash and marijuana was seized as evidence. Prior to the warrant being served, Cloud 9 Wellness was warned repeatedly by the El Cajon City Attorney’s office to cease and desist its sales of marijuana. The owner and employees ignored those warnings and continued the illegal activities. Although the employees were not arrested today, they and the owner of the business may face charges of allowing the Commercial Sale of Marijuana within the City.


The State of California recently legalized the sale of regulated amounts of marijuana from licensed businesses in cities within the state. Cities were however allowed, under the same law, to prohibit the sale of marijuana through local ordinances and municipal codes. The City of El Cajon enacted a municipal code that prohibits the sale of marijuana in all parts of the city and does not issue permits or a business license for the sale of marijuana in accordance with the existing state law. This law will be strictly enforced, in part, to help prevent the type of activity these businesses often bring to nearby neighborhood residents such as discarded drug paraphernalia, excessive loitering, robberies and burglaries.




Prepared by: Lt. Walt Miller, Investigations Division      Date/Time: March 1, 2018 at 1300 hrs.


Reviewed by: Lt. Rob Ransweiler Administrative Lieutenant






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