Centennial Logos

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Centennial Logo #1 Created to commemorate the City of El Cajon's Centennial on November 12, 2012, this striking logo showcases the majestic view into El Cajon . . . The Valley of Opportunity.

The logo’s bold, artful sun shining over the El Cajon Valley mirrors the City’s downtown landmark street arch located at the intersection of Main Street and Magnolia Avenue. The arch proudly marks the original historic site known as Knox’s Corners, and today, symbolizes the gateway to downtown El Cajon. Knox’s Corners was named after El Cajon’s original founder Amaziah Knox, who built the valley’s first hotel on the south side of an ancient Kumeyaay trail leading up to the Cuyamaca Mountain range. The Magnolia blossom represents the original trees imported from Alabama by the City’s first Mayor, James Harris. These beautiful trees were planted for shade and landscaping around the homes of the day and are continually used as a signature tree in the downtown landscape.

As part of the City’s Centennial celebration, the City Council approved a logo with the motto “The Valley of Opportunity” for the historic event. Two logos were created to brand all activities related to the Centennial. After the Centennial year endedCentennial Logo #2, the City Council expressed interest in making this the official logo and motto as the City moves forward. The logo, pictured here, is similar to the Centennial logo, minus the word “Centennial.” The City logo is now being used on all written correspondence. The City’s seal will continue to be used as a stamp for official City documents.

In recognition of the City’s incorporation in 1912, we continue to honor and celebrate the people who make El Cajon the Valley of Opportunity . . . yesterday, today and always!