Preparedness is the key to recovery.  For tips on how to prepare for emergencies, watch this video from our Former Fire Chief Rick Sitta:

resolve to be ready 

Emergencies, big or small, happen to everyone.  You may not have a choice as to whether or not  you are affected - but you can choose to do something to prepare so that your recovery is more manageable.  It is important to plan in advance:


  • Know where to go - Do you have an evacuation plan for your home with at least 2 ways out?  Do you practice evacuating and meeting up?  Map out your home and determine at least 2 ways to get out and have meeting places to do a head count.  Practice this plan twice a year and whenever you accidentally set off the smoke alarm.
  • Know how to reach each other - Do you have a family communications plan with an out of state contact?  Make sure that everyone knows who to contact after an emergency.  Remember that texting is a better option than calling.
  • Sign up for emergency alerts and follow us on social media - Are you registered with Alert San Diego?  Click here to sign up and receive important emergency alerts.  Also, follow Heartland Fire & Rescue on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Nixle for updated preparedness and incident information.
  • Have what you need ready to go - Do you have your disaster supplies ready to go?  Conduct a treasure hunt in your home to see what supplies you already have on-hand.  Download the Disaster Supply Calendar to follow a 20-week program to aid in your preparedness.

Taking these few steps and making a few key decisions now, before the emergency, will help when disaster strikes and you are in the middle of the chaos and are unsure of what to do.