Hepatitis A Outbreak

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Hepatitis A

Protect the Community from Hepatitis A


The City of El Cajon works proactively to protect the community against the threat of Hepatitis A. This page provides information about Hepatitis A and prevention tips, the City’s prevention efforts, and vaccination information. 

Facts and Prevention Tips 

  • During the height of San Diego County’s 2017 Hepatitis A outbreak, the County estimated that more than 75% of those contaminated were homeless individuals or illicit drug users. Hepatitis A is usually transmitted from person-to-person contact, especially through fecal contamination.
  • Vaccination of the most vulnerable population is key to fighting Hepatitis A. A two-part vaccination has been recommended for:
    • Homeless Individuals and Illicit Drug Users
    • Those in regular contact with the homeless
    • Food handlers
  • Prevention tips:
    • Washing your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds
    • Avoid intimate contact with someone infected with Hepatitis A and don not  share food, towels, utensils etc.           

City Actions

Here are some of the actions the City continues to take to protect the safety of the City’s residents from Hepatitis A:

  • Authorized the County to install handwashing stations at Prescott Promenade, outside the County library, and in conjunction with MTS at Trolley Stations
  • The El Cajon Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team accompanies County of San Diego nurses routinely for in-the-field Hepatitis A vaccinations
  • Power washing and sanitizing sidewalks, curbs and benches in areas where homeless congregate and requested that MTS power wash trolley station platforms
  • Reached out to over 360 private businesses regarding prevention measures and posted information in public facilities such as the library and recreation center
  • Contacted school districts with additional information and requested that the County translate all Hepatitis A literature into Arabic
  • Ensured that all City restrooms are being cleaned with effective Hepatitis A cleansers

Vaccination Information

If you are homeless, an illicit drug user, a food handler, or work in professions that are in contact with the homeless, the County encourages you to become vaccinated.  To obtain a vaccine:

  • hep a graphicVisit your primary physician
  • Call 2-1-1 to find a community clinic near you

For additional information, visit: San Diego County about Hepatitis A