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What Should I Do If I See An Individual or a Group of Individuals That Appear To Be Homeless?

homeless sleeping on street benchOutreach and support services are available for people living on the streets and in other public places. If you know the location of a homeless person who needs assistance, you can request that an El Cajon Homeless Outreach Team (ECHOT) visits the person to encourage them to accept services. Our ECHOT consist of City personnel and partner agencies that help to engage with individuals currently experiencing homelessness and help them transition off the streets. To reach out to the City's homeless outreach team, call the El Cajon Police non-emergency number at 619-579-3311.

How Does The ECHOT Engage A Homeless Person In Need of Assistance?

Experienced outreach teams that consist of the El Cajon Police Department, Health & Human Services Agency (HHSA),Veterans Affairs, McAllister Institute, and Father Joe's Village make contact with people currently experiencing homelessness as part  of our citywide effort to identify and engage individuals  to encourage them to accept services, and ultimately help them transitiooff the streets. With no one-size-fits-all approach to ending homelessness, outreach teams effectively engage. Each of these individuals on a case by case, person by person basis. They evaluate the immediate and root causes contributing to their homelessness, continually offering a helping hand to develop the unique combination of services that will enable them to transition off the streets. Outreach teams build trust and relationships that ultimately encourages individuals to accept services.

What Happens If Someone Declines Help From The ECHOT?

5 FAQ5 homeless_faqAccepting outreach efforts, including services that will help people currently experiencing homelessness in El Cajon transition indoors from the streets, is voluntary, and it can take months of persistent and compassionate engagement to successfully connect individuals with services. We remain undeterred in our efforts to engage them, proactively offering assistance and services, until we make the connection that will help them transition off the streets. Our team continues to reach out to those currently experiencing homelessness to offer services and help them come indoors.