Protecting Your Property

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Why Protect Your Property?

Protecting your property from unwelcomed trespassing increases the safety of your property and the community. Proactively preventing trespassing can reduce the risk of criminal activity, fires, illegal camping and lodging on your property and improve safety for your neighborhood and community.

How to Deter Trespassing

Trespassing is defined as entering the property of another without permission or the right to do so. Here are a number of ways to reduce trespassing:

For Residential Property:

  • Increase lighting
  • Maintain landscapingphoto of beautiful fence and grass
  • Trim overgrown trees and bushes
  • Install landscaping that discourages sitting
  • Install fencing around the property
  • Post "No Trespassing" signs
  • Hire private security

    For Vacant Residential Property:

  • Ask neighbors to monitor the property
  • Hire private security to monitor the property
  • Use timers to turn on indoor and outdoor lights
  • Maintain landscaping
  • Secure trash or recycling containers

     For Commercial Properties:

  • Lock dumpsters, trash and recycle bins
  • Design public spaces to discourage misuse
  • Have plants at sidewalk level. Raised planters should be at least 4′ high and uncomfortable for seating
  • Post and enforce rules of conduct for public use
  • Install surveillance cameras to cover public areas
  • Do not offer food or money. It may encourage more panhandling. If you are encouraged to help the homeless, it is better to contribute to local charities, missions, food banks, or social service organizations. For more information on where to donate visit