Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch SignDo you want a Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood? Neighborhoods throughout The City of El Cajon have formed their own Neighborhood Watch Programs.

The Neighborhood Watch Program serves as the "eyes and ears" for the El Cajon Police Department. Residents who have organized successful programs in their neighborhoods know their neighbors, report suspicious activity to the police, and work closely with the police department to solve community problems.

Steps to begin a Neighborhood Watch Program:

1) Every successful neighborhood watch program starts with one or two neighbors who want to "TAKE THE LEAD" and organize a neighborhood watch program. We call the organizers, "Block Captains".

2) Once the "Block Captain" is established, the Block Captain must begin talking with residents of the neighborhood to rally interest in your neighborhood program. 

3) When the Block Captain has rallied enough support, it is time to begin thinking about a time, date, and place to hold a Neighborhood Watch meeting. This meeting is a time for residents to get together and meet one another and talk about issues in their neighborhood. Getting to know your neighbors is key in any successful Neighborhood Watch Program.

Also in attendance at this meeting would be someone from the El Cajon Police Department's Special Operation Unit. The ECPD Officer would be there to provide residents with the inner workings of the Neighborhood Watch Program, crime prevention tips, and be available to answer questions. 

4) After the neighborhood holds their meeting, the City will order and pay for a neighborhood watch sign. Resident may also order additional signs, window stickers, and other materials to promote their neighborhood's involvement in the program. The additional materials will need to be purchased by the residents.

The Neighborhood Watch Program in your neighborhood is going to be what the neighborhood makes it. The more involvement by all residents, the more successful it will become. There are neighborhoods throughout El Cajon who hold very successful neighborhood watch programs. Is your neighborhood ready?

If your looking for more information on how to start a Neighborhood Watch group or need to order Neighborhood Watch Signs/Supplies, please visit one of these websites below:

If you want to organize a Neighborhood Watch Program in your neighborhood, or have additional questions about the program, please call Officer Stoller at 619-441-1597.

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