City Initiatives

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As part of the Climate Action Plan, the City challenges itself in finding various strategies to reduce its impact on the environment and use sustainable practices. Below are some of examples which will help to reach our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



The City is committed to reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills by diverting appropriate waste to recycling and composting. Residents and businesses are required to recycle as much waste as possible. The City expects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of carbon dioxide by approximately 7,800 metric tons by 2030.

 Solar Panels  


El Cajon has solar panels on the police station as well as the animal shelter, and plans to place more solar panels on other municipally owned buildings such as the fire stations and REC centers to lower carbon emissions. The City’s goal is to achieve an 80% renewable and zero-carbon energy supply by 2030.

 Police Station Image  


The City is committed to increasing its energy efficiency. For example, the Police Department has been fitted with a more efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Additionally, street light bulbs are all being converted to LED and the City is transitioning from gas-powered to electric tools.

 Hybrid City Veh  


The City of El Cajon has converted its fleet of vehicles to be more green and fuel efficient. As of July 2018, the City has replaced two vehicles with electric vehicles while more of the fleet will be converted to hybrid vehicles.

 Bench Base 4  


The City aims to reduce CO2 emissions by proactively planting trees and increasing its tree canopy throughout the City. This will improve air quality and public health, while beautifying our city streets. Additionally, the City plants two trees for every fallen City-owned tree, and the materials from fallen trees is either recycled or used to make furniture. In fact, a few benches inside City Hall are made of wood from fallen trees!