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Graffiti Abatement

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The Building and Fire Safety Group coordinates the City’s graffiti abatement program. If you have graffiti on your property the City of El Cajon will remove it at no additional cost to the property owner. Please be advised that we must have a signed consent form on file in order to access your property.

If you witness someone spraying graffiti, get a good description of the person committing the crime, and watch which direction they leave. Also call the El Cajon Police Department at 619-579-3311. Do not approach the person. Observe and report this activity to the El Cajon Police Department immediately.

If you have any information about graffiti please contact a member of the El Cajon Police Department.

The City of El Cajon actively looks for graffiti and then makes every attempt to remove the graffiti off the streets. If you see graffiti anywhere in the City of El Cajon, please call the City of El Cajon Graffiti Hotline at 619-441-5533. This is a FREE service.

If you're a property owner in the City of El Cajon and would like FREE graffiti removal on your property, the City of El Cajon must have a signed authorization letter on file for city workers to enter on your private property. You can access the letter with this link.

Graffiti Removal Form

Please return this form to:

City of El Cajon
Attention: Building Department
200 Civic Center Way,  El Cajon, CA 92020

To report graffiti (within the boundaries of the City of El Cajon only) please call the graffiti Hotline at:

Graffiti Hotline - 619-441-5533

Leave your name, phone number, the address of the location of the graffiti and any pertinent details. A consent form (authorizing access onto your property) must be on file with the City in order to receive this FREE service. Click here to download a consent form.

Please fill out form and mail back to:

City of El Cajon
Building & Fire Safety Group
200 Civic Center Way
El Cajon, CA 92020

Or fax it to us at:

You can also report graffiti online, through our Service Request System.  Please be sure to upload a copy of your signed Consent Form if you do not have one already on file.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Will a matching paint be used for painting over graffiti on my building or fence?

Yes.  We will match the existing paint of the wall surface as closely as possible.  After all, the purpose is to keep the City looking beautiful.

How long will it take to remove the graffiti?

If we have a consent form on file for your property the graffiti can usually be removed within 48 hours. If no consent form is on file we must receive the consent form before the graffiti can be scheduled to be removed.

Do I have to be at my home/business for the graffiti to be removed?

If the graffiti is in an area that is accessible (not within a fenced area) you do not need to be home to receive this service.