Substandard Abatement

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build_substandard_clip_image003The Building and Fire Safety Group investigates complaints of substandard housing conditions and violations of the El Cajon Municipal Code as they relate to buildings and construction. Investigations are typically based on citizen’s complaints filed with the City. For more information please call 619-441-1742.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I have a complaint, how long will it take to be investigated?

We are typically able to respond to a complaint within 10 days. However, time periods for correction of any violations may take substantially longer than this depending on the severity of the problem.

If I own a property with substandard conditions, what can I expect to happen?

If we have responded to a complaint concerning your property you will typically be given adequate time to correct the problem (unless the problem is an immediate threat to life or health). However, it is very important that you take action quickly to correct any violations. Civil penalties or administrative fines may be imposed in a substandard abatement case.