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Climate Action Plan

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keep it clean webThe City has received assistance from the San Diego Association of Governments through the East County Energy Roadmap Program to develop a Climate Action Plan (CAP). Additionally, a Smart Growth Incentive Program Planning Grant was issued for environmental services, benefit-cost analysis and community outreach associated with the development of the CAP.  The CAP efforts are underway with projected completion by Summer 2019.

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What is a Climate Action Plan? 

A Climate Action Plan (CAP) is a comprehensive policy-document that outlines the actions of a jurisdiction at the local-level to align with the statewide targets intended to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The main elements of a CAP include taking inventory of emissions, generating projections, identifying reduction targets and measures, and creating implementation and monitoring tools.

What is an inventory? 

A GHG inventory is a snapshot of emissions associated with a jurisdiction’s community-wide activities. A City’s GHG emissions originate from a variety of sources including the following primary categories: wastewater, water, solid waste, natural gas, electricity and transportation, among others. Identifying the City’s emissions through an inventory helps inform the decision-making process that in turn helps to establish goals, reduce GHG emitting activities and improve the quality of life for the community at-large.

What are the goals? 

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In 2005, California’s Governor issued statewide GHG reduction goals for 2020 and 2050. The State Legislature established a statewide target for 2030 and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) developed statewide per capita targets for 2030 and 2050. The state requires a jurisdiction to reduce their GHG emissions but gives them discretion in selecting reduction targets to meet the state goals.

What are the benefits of a CAP? 

GHG emissions affects people’s quality of life. Reducing GHG emissions can improve air quality reducing incidences of childhood asthma and other illness, reduce energy use and costs, increase local employment in green technology, and improve the City’s resiliency by reducing the need for imported water and energy.

What is the City doing? 

The City in collaboration with Ascent Environmental, Inc., Energy Policy Initiative Center, NewcomerSD and the San Diego Association of Governments is working on the development of the City’s CAP.


Thank you for your participation in the development of the City's Climate Action Plan. On July 10, 2019, the El Cajon City Council certified the Environmental Impact Report and adopted the Climate Action Plan. More information to come in the coming months.


Join the conversation 

If you’re interested in being a part of the conversations for the development of the CAP and helping to improve El Cajon’s quality of life, you may reach out to our staff by calling (619) 441-1742 or emailing