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Housing Element & General Plan Amendment

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Planning for Future Housing

El Cajon continues to grow as our families grow and the City welcomes new community members. The City needs to plan for where people will live. It is estimated that approximately 3,200 new houses, condos or apartments will be necessary in the next eight years to keep up with El Cajon’s growing population and housing needs.

To address this, the Housing Element will identify potential sites where new housing development should occur and programs for how El Cajon can encourage new housing.

The City would like your input on the next 8-year Housing Element.

As part of this effort, new policies to address equity in the General Plan will be developed under the Environmental Justice Element. The General Plan Safety Plan Element will also be updated.

What is a Housing Element? 

A Housing Element is a plan for housing that is completed on an 8-year cycle. All cities and counties in California must prepare and adopt Housing Elements. The Housing Element will evaluate housing needs, identify sites for new housing, and include proposals or programs to meet housing needs for current and future residents.

What is a Safety Element? 

The Safety Element identifies and mitigates risks to people and property in the community due to fires, floods, droughts, earthquakes, landslides, climate changes and other hazards.  

What is an Environmental Justice Element?

This new element will establish policies that take into account the burdens experienced by disadvantaged communities and reduce the pollution and health risks to those communities by promoting equitable access to healthy food, housing, and recreation. 

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Housing Element Update Documents 

Housing Opportunities Analysis Maps - The two maps below were developed to assist in the early analysis of housing opportunities. The maps display existing zoning density and improvement to land value ratios throughout the City.

Housing Element - Initial Analysis Housing Opportunities Map 


Housing Element - Initial Sites Analysis Improvement Value Map


Reference Documents

2013-2021 Housing Element - The last Housing Element was adopted August 27, 2013.