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Succesor Agency Documents

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Successor Agency Oversight Board Resolutions

Resolutions are posted within one week after they are adopted by the Successor Agency Oversight Board.


Countywide Redevelopment Successor Agency Resolutions:

Resolutions Approved in 2018: 

Resolutions Approved in 2017: 

Resolutions Approved in 2016: 

Resolutions Approved in 2015: 

Resolutions Approved in 2014: 

Resolutions Approved in 2013: 

Resolutions Approved in 2012: 


Enforceable and Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules

The El Cajon Redevelopment Agency and Successor Agency have approved and authorized the submission of the Enforceable Obligation Payment and Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules, or EOPS and ROPS, to share information on the outstanding debt or financial obligations of the El Cajon Redevelopment Agency/Successor Agency.

Financial Statements

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