In today’s day and age, technology is a part of every person’s life.  For City workers, technology is used in City offices to issue permits, enroll students in recreation classes, and process payments. Technology helps dispatchers take emergency calls and send police and fire to calls for service. Public works uses technology to survey properties, optimize traffic lights, monitor sewer lines, and track requests for repairs submitted by our citizens.   

The Information Technology (IT) Department provides citywide technology services, solutions, and support to all departments within the City. The department’s eight employees have 199 years of combined professional IT experience and support equipment across the City in our fifteen locations.

Our Mission

Help employees implement technology, enabling the staff to better serve the City of El Cajon.

Our Vision

We strive to be a model information and technology organization recognized for proactive customer service and innovation.

Guiding Principles

Organizational Principles:

  1. The IT Department will use a collaborative process to review, approve, and prioritize all major investments in information technology, systems, and applications.

  2. The IT Department will provide technology guidance to City departments and establish enterprise standards.

  3. The IT Department will support the business needs of the City departments.

Infrastructure Principles:

  1. IT infrastructure will make user interaction with systems as easy as possible, while maximizing security.

  2. IT infrastructure will be designed to take advantage of advances in technology.

  3. IT infrastructure will be leading edge, but not bleeding edge.

  4. IT infrastructure will be maintained in a manner that encourages proactive, as opposed to reactive support models.

  5. IT servers will be implemented in or converted to the virtual environment when possible, in order to maintain a highly available state.

Application Principles:

  1. Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) or Government Off the Shelf (GOTS) applications will be acquired whenever possible, rather than developed in house.

  2. Applications will use standard web and graphical user interfaces and will be supported with vendor provided support services, documentation, and user training whenever possible.

  3. Applications will be selected and prioritized with the active participation and collaboration of department users and subject matter experts and within City standards.

  4. Applications will be selected for ease of interoperability with other City services.