RV and Trailer Parking

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The city of El Cajon offers a web based RV Parking Permit System for residents of El Cajon who wish to park their RVs on city streets. Residents will be required to obtain a permit to avoid being cited. The permits are free of charge and available on line by clicking on the following link:

RV Parking Permit Page

The web site contains a page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the permit system and El Cajon residents with RVs are encouraged to view this page for more information.

The permit system allows RV owners who live within the city limits of El Cajon to receive a one day parking permit for their motor homes and trailers. The permits are valid for a 24 hour period and residents can apply for three at one time. Residents will only be allowed 52 RV parking permits per year.

RVs parked on city streets without permits will be subject to parking enforcement.

El Cajon Municipal Code Title 10, Section 10.28.070

Click Here to file a complaint about a vehicle in violation of Section 10.28.070