The Investigations Division is divided up into the following specialized units:

Crimes Against Property (CAP)

It is the goal of the CAP unit to investigate all property crimes involving general theft, auto theft, fraud/identity theft, forgery, arson, explosive devices and vandalism. Our objectives are to identify and arrest persons responsible, prepare cases for successful prosecution in court and to identify and return stolen property to the rightful owner.

Crimes of Violence (COV)

The objective for COV is to provide investigative services related to homicides, missing persons and all other crimes of violence. Detectives from COV, work closely with the District Attorneys Office to obtain a successful prosecution on criminal cases and provide the highest service possible to citizens of El Cajon.

Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

This unit is a proactive crime suppression unit that handles gang, narcotic, vice, and fugitive investigations.  We have investigators assigned to the San Diego Integrated Narcotics Task Force, The San Diego County Gang Task Force and The Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Family Protection Unit (FPU)

FPU is responsible for all Domestic Violence Cases and Crimes against Children, including Child related Homicides. The unit is also responsible for investigating all sex related crimes and the registration of both narcotic and sex offenders. We also handle diversion programs for juvenile offenders. The goal of the unit is to identify perpetrators and to prepare cases for prosecution. The unit can also assist victims of Domestic Violence with numerous resources in order to help them through the recovery process.

Gang Street Team (GST)

The El Cajon Police Department’s Gang Street Team is comprised of one Sergeant and four Officers who work to prevent, interdict, and combat criminal gang activity in the City of El Cajon. This is accomplished by a highly visible uniformed presence offering deterrence, partnership, intervention, education, diversion, suppression, enforcement, and prosecution.

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