Investigations Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are all crime reports investigated by a detective?

    No. The detective sergeants review and determine which cases are investigated. The case is assigned for investigation based on the witness and evidentiary solvability factors. However, all crime reports are reviewed by the detectives in order to link series related crimes.

  • Can I contact the detective assigned to my crime case if I have additional relevant information?

    Yes. You can call the Investigation Division if you have additional information that may lead to the successful resolution of your crime case. Remember to obtain the crime case number from the Records Division prior to calling.

  • What if I no longer want to prosecute the perpetrator for the crime case?

    There are cases when the victim of a crime case determines that they no longer desire to proceed with further criminal action. Generally, it is within the victim’s right to file a “No Prosecution” form. This process will cancel the investigative and prosecution process.

  • What is the investigative status of my crime report?

    You can call the Investigations Division to determine the investigative status of your crime report. They will be able to tell you if the case was assigned to a detective and if any leads have been developed. The Investigations Division telephone number is (619) 579-3320.

  • When should I expect to be contacted by the Police Department?

    There are various factors in determining the length of a crime case. First, the procedural processing of a crime case varies from one to fourteen days, depending on the severity of the case and workload demands. Second, the detective is investigating your crime case in conjunction with dozens of other very important cases. You will be contacted when the detective requires additional information or there is a status development. This entire process may take several weeks to conclude.

  • Will I be contacted by a detective?

    You will be contacted by either a detective or a representative of the Police Department. The purpose of the contact will be for one of two reasons. First, you may be contacted to inquire if additional information is available which may assist in the arrest of the perpetrator. Second, you may be contacted to be advised of an arrest or closure of the crime case.