The Project

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Faced with a myriad of complex and pervasive problems that pose serious challenges to providing effective law enforcement and maintaining public safety, the El Cajon Police Department has developed an ethics-based, team-driven initiative that will transform community policing into community governance.

This innovative approach involves the community in problem solving, crime fighting, and prevention. Working in partnership with police and other city employees, community members will be invited to engage directly in the process of targeting, preventing, deterring, reducing, and combating crime. We are all stakeholders in this community and together we can achieve significant progress in preventing and reducing crime.

To facilitate this project, the Police Department has established five areas of command matching the current council districts. Each district is lead by a District Lieutenant who is responsible for all law enforcement efforts in his/her sector. These District Lieutenants assist stakeholders in the development and coordination of crime prevention strategies.

The El Cajon Police Department provides baseline training for all stakeholders consisting of ethics, leadership, and implementation which will provide the mechanism to solve community problems. Upon completion of this training, all stakeholders from each sector will meet and identify concerns and establish priority goals. Regular meetings will be scheduled to track successes and analyze failures. As goals are accomplished, the next goal is agreed upon, and the process continues.

In this way, community policing/community governance becomes a means by which crime and public safety problems in El Cajon can be addressed in a comprehensive and systematic manner. Having the mechanism to achieve goals will provide us, as stakeholders, with the ability to be successful in decreasing crime.

A decrease in crime translates into a decrease in all costs associated with crime – including those faced by citizens, business, and government. Using this innovative approach will not only help decrease crime, but can help prevent it as well, thereby improving the overall quality of life in the City of El Cajon.


For more information please contact your District Lieutenant.

District 1

Lt. J. Taub

District 2

Lt. Eric Taylor

District 3

Lt. K. MacArthur

District 4

Lt. R. Soulard