Police Cadets

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cadet scout fairThe El Cajon Police Cadet program is a non-paid volunteer position that offers teenagers and young adults the chance to explore the career of law enforcement. To become an ECPD Cadet, one must meet minimum requirements, pass an interview, and complete background investigation. This process is designed to give our Cadets a glimpse into the process of becoming a police officer.

Once selected as a Cadet, Cadets are required to complete monthly training meetings, work special events, and be an active and involved participant in the program. The minimum amount of hours a Cadet Officer must work is 20 hours a month.

The El Cajon Police Department provides each Cadet a custom fitting bullet proof vest, Police Identification Card, and a Cadet Badge. There is an initial cost in purchasing uniforms and equipment, but the department offers all Cadets a uniform allowance upon completion of one year of satisfactory service.

Cadet Program Resources

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