The Engineering Division processes all requirements for development, improvement plans, permits for the work in the public right-of-ways, and all lot splits and subdivisions.

The division also designs and implements the construction of all City Public Improvement Projects. Engineering is also responsible for the administration and enforcement of stormwater regulations.

Any grading activity on public or private property must be permitted by this division. 

Any construction in the public right-of-way and grading activity on public or private property requires a permit to assure all work is done to the City’s standards and that stormwater regulations are adhered to in order to maintain our beautiful City.

We are now proud to offer another way for applicants to interact with City Staff:

PACO - Project Assistance Center Online

Here's a peek at the new portal:


Applicants can use PACO to submit for certain types of projects, pay for permits, schedule inspections, and get status updates on existing projects.  And we will continue to expand PACO's availability into the third quarter of 2020. 

Please register for an account to access all of the online services available. Click Here

If you don't see the type of permit or project you are planning, feel free to call Community Development, or come in to City Hall to speak with staff in person. 

PACO is available at

Planning info at 619-441-1742

Building staff at 619-441-1726

Engineering info at 619-441-1653