Wastewater Rate Study

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Wastewater Rate Study

WW Rate Study

 This report was prepared for the City of El Cajon (City) to document the development of a wastewater multi-year financial plan, cost-of-service analysis, and rate design for the City (rate case).

The specific goals of the study were to:

• Evaluate the adequacy of projected revenues under existing wastewater service charges to meet projected revenue requirements;

• Develop a wastewater cost-of-service and rate model for the City covering a five-year study (Fiscal Year 2020 through Fiscal Year 2024) period for both ongoing operations and planned capital improvements;

• Develop a five-year wastewater service charge program that produces revenues adequate to meet financial needs of the City for both their required funding of the City of San Diego’s Pure Water Program and the City’s operations and capital needs, while recognizing customer costs of service, and local and state legal and policy considerations such as California Constitution Articles XIII C and D (Proposition 218), and Proposition 26; and

• Recommend appropriate reserve levels for operations and capital needs based on industry standards.


See the full report here: WASTEWATER RATE STUDY