Youth Dance

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Our youth dance program provides an opportunity for your child to participate in a wide variety of dance experiences.  Classes include instruction in steps, techniques, and dance routines.  Students may progress from beginning level classes, which emphasize basic skills, to more advanced classes, building strength, developing complex motor skills, and increasing their understanding of dance forms and styles.  Our experienced instructors will recommend the ideal level for students Level 2 and above, based upon skill requirements for each level.  We strive to create a positive environment, in which each individual child can actively participate and thrive.  Children must be able to participate without parent being present.  Parents and other visitors are welcome during four observation days each session.  Please read the Dance Parent Letter for more information.

Not all classes are offered in all locations or during every session- for the most up-to-date class listing, please see the latest Rec Guide.


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Dance 2-Gether (Ages 20 mo.- 3 yrs.)

Dance with me!  Together, you and your child will explore the world of dance through movement, music, fun, and games.  Help your child gain body awareness, self-confidence, and a sense of rhythm as you are introduced to a variety of basic dance movements in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop.  Parent or other adult participation is required for this class.

Preschool Dance (Ages 3-5)

An introduction to the world of dance through music, rhythms, creative movement, and simple dance moves.  Jazz or ballet and tap shoes are recommended.  Children must be able to participate without parent being present.  Parents and other visitors are welcome during four observation days each session.  Level 2 classes are available for those who can perform skills learned in Preschool Dance 1 and have an instructor's written recommendation.

Dance Combo (Ages 4-6)

Welcome to the world of dance!  Learn a variety of dance forms in this class.  After the session is over, try a jazz, tap, or ballet class- or maybe all three!  Jazz or ballet shoes and tap shoes are recommended.

Hip Hop

Learn the latest dance moves!  This high-energy class is great for those who enjoy the latest urban pop music.  Fun and fast-paced, Hip-Hop emphasizes syncopated, isolated movements.  Hip-Hop Levels 2 and 3 require student registration referral slips to register.

Mini Hip-Hop: Ages 5-7

Hip-Hop 1: Ages 8-15

Hip-Hop 2: Ages 8-15

Hip-Hop 3: Ages 10-17


Become more graceful while learning the importance of strength, control in movement, and flexibility.  Instruction also includes ballet terminology in French, the universal language of ballet!  Advancement requires discipline, increased strength, coordination, and balance.  Ballet Levels 2-5 and Advanced Ballet/Pointe require student registration referral slips to register.

Ballet 1: Ages 5-12

Ballet 2: Ages 5-12

Ballet 3: Ages 5-12

Ballet 4: Ages 8-14

Ballet 5: Ages 8-14

Ballet Basics: Ages 10-Adult

Advanced Ballet/Pointe: Ages 10-Adult


It's the sound of the beat and the rhythm of your feet!  Enjoy this exciting American dance form.  Tap dancing increases coordination and timing.  Advancement is based on knowledge of steps, producing clear sounds with increasing tempo, and accurate timing.  Tap Levels 2-5 require student registration referral slips to register.

Tap 1: Ages 5-12

Tap 2: Ages 5-12

Tap 3: Ages 5-12

Tap 4: Ages 8-14

Tap 5: Ages 8-14


All the fun of hip-hop and more!  Increase coordination, rhythm, strength, and flexibility!  Advancement is based on skill development.  Each level becomes more rigorous and dance combinations become more complex.  Jazz Levels 2-5, Junior Advanced Jazz, and Advanced Jazz require student registration referral slips to register.

Jazz 1: Ages 5-12

Jazz 2: Ages 5-12

Jazz 3: Ages 5-13

Jazz 4: Ages 8-15

Jazz 5: Ages 8-15

Junior Advanced Jazz: Ages 8-17

Advanced Jazz: Ages 8-17

Teen/Adult Dance (Ages 13-Adult)

Learn a variety of dance genres including jazz, tap, ballet, and lyrical.  Meet new friends, learn new skills, and get great exercise.  All skill levels are welcome!

TNT Dancers Performing Company

TNT offers a unique opportunity for students to expand their dance experience by developing performance skills and refining dance technique in a teamwork setting.  Our goal is to foster youth development through positive interaction and role-modeling, instilling self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline, and social skills.  In the TNT Performing Company, you will have many opportunities to perform routines in the community, meet new people, make new friends, and most important, represent and promote the City of El Cajon Parks and Recreation Department's dance program!

TNT Track Dancers Performing Company: Ages 9-15

TNT Dancers Performing Company: Ages 9-17

For more information about joining the TNT Dancers Performing Company, please read the TNT Performing Company information page.