Youth Gymnastics, Tumbling, and Cheer

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Our youth gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer programs provide a fun way to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Available for boys and girls, these classes are a great complement to each other and promote the development of gross motor skills, mental acuity, self-confidence, and determination.  Our skilled instructors will be able to guide you safely along your journey from beginner to pro with their advanced knowledge of techniques and proper form.  Please read the Gymnastics/Tumbling/Cheer Parent Letter for more information.

Not all classes are offered in all locations or during every session- for the most up-to-date class listing, please see the latest Rec Guide.


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Tot 'n' Buddy (Ages 1-2)

Come and experience a semi-structured gymnastics introduction to basic motor skill development for boys and girls.  Your tot will learn to interact with other toddlers using games, gym play equipment, and obstacle courses in a fun and safe environment.  Parent or other adult participation required for this class.  Please read the Tot 'n' Buddy Parent Letter for more information.

Kindergym (Ages 3-5)

Develop movement, coordination, simple tumbling, and basic skills on gymnastic equipment in a positive classroom setting for boys and girls.  A parent or other adult must participate with student.  Parents should arrange child care for any siblings or other children.

Minigym Levels 1 & 2 (Ages 4-6)

Young boys and girls will enjoy this fun, challenging class for the novice student which focuses on beginning tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, and vaulting skills.  Participants will have a great time learning the basics of the sport while gaining strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, poise, and coordination!  Student must be ready to participate without a parent or other adult present.  Level 1 classes are available for beginners, while Level 2 instruction is available for the more advanced student.  Participation in Level 2 requires student registration referral slips to register.

Girl's Gymnastics Levels 1-5 (Ages 7-15)

An excellent introduction to the sport of gymnastics, this program emphasizes skill development and progressions and offers an excellent foundation toward future USGF or High School competitive teams.  Levels are arranged with USGF (United States Gymnastics Federation) skills recommendations as a guide.  Gymnastics Levels 2-5 require student registration referral slips to register.

Boys Tumbling Levels 1 & 2 (Ages 6-13)

This class provides an opportunity for boys to learn and develop tumbling skills.  Throughout the class, students will increase their strength, coordination, and confidence.  Participation in Level 2 requires student registration referral slips to register.

Tumbling for Boys and Girls

These tumbling classes are for boys and girls combined.  Students will learn skills from forward rolls to back flips.  A progressive skill list is used to advance from one level to the next.  Emphasis is placed on connection skills together in Level 3 and up.  Junior Advanced and Advanced Tumbling classes are available for those who have progressed through lower levels, and offer higher levels of complexity and skill development.  Participation in Levels 2-5, Junior Advanced, and Advanced requires student registration referral slips to register.

Tiny Tumblers: Ages 3-5

Tumbling Level 1: Ages 5-12

Tumbling Level 2: Ages 5-12

Tumbling Level 3: Ages 5-13

Tumbling Level 4: Ages 5-15

Tumbling Level 5: Ages 5-15

Junior Advanced Tumbling: Ages 7-17

Advanced Tumbling: Ages 7-17

TNT Tumblers Performing Company

TNT offers a unique opportunity for students to expand their tumbling experience by developing performance skills and refining tumbling technique in a teamwork setting.  Our goal is to foster youth development through positive interaction and role-modeling, instilling self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline, and social skills.  In the TNT Performing Company, you will have many opportunities to perform routines in the community, meet new people, make new friends, and most important, represent and promote the City of El Cajon Parks and Recreation Department's tumbling program!

TNT Track Tumblers Performing Company: Ages 9-15

TNT Tumblers Performing Company: Ages 9-17

For more information about joining the TNT Tumblers Performing Company, please read the TNT Performing Company information page.


Our cheer classes will provide a wide variety of techniques to all levels, interests, and experiences.  We promote self-confidence and determination through our classes by providing a non-competitive environment where kids can learn to cheer without the stress of being on a competitive team.  Our skilled instructors will offer the knowledge of all phases of cheer including tumbling, dance, motion stunt, and jump.  Participation in Cheerleading Level 2 requires student registration referral slips to register.

Junior Cheer: Ages 5-7

Cheerleading Level 1: Ages 8-14

Cheerleading Level 2: Ages 8-14